Explore and create with wonder

WONDER is about art exploration.

WONDER celebrates creativity, encourages curiosity, and uses art-technique to communicate our innate sense of wonder. We have redesigned all of our art-making experiences for this season of WONDER. Sign your child up for a 4-class session or save $10 by signing up for all 8-classes. See dates and details below!

dates of wonder

WONDER begins Sept. 17th, 10am-12pm for ages 5-12 Price: 60$ for a 4- class session or $110 for an 8- class. 

  • 4-class session- Sept.17 - Oct.15 (excluding Thanksgiving Weekend)
  • 8-class session- Sept.17 - Nov.12 (excluding Thanksgiving Weekend)

We will take registration for individual classes if you are unable to attend all weeks. Individual classes are $20/class. Send us an email at contact@artinhouse.org if you have any questions about registration OR register below.

Feel free to simply come into Art In House during our gallery hours to register or ask questions as well. 

Your payment can be made online (see below), if you register in person, or on the first day of programming if you register online.

Looking forward to making art together!

pay and/or REGISTER BELOW for the 4 0r 8 class session. If you are not able to make all of the weeks, you can provide the details below.

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Child's Name
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The text field below is only for those not attending both weeks. Please specify what dates your child WILL be attending! Thanks!
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From time to time, we use the photos taken at our workshops for advertising, blogging, or promotion through our website or social media outlets such as instagram or facebook. Please check below if you give permission for Art In House to take and use photos of your child for promotional purposes.
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