It's official! Registration is now open for our summer camp season in partnership with Spool Lounge! These super-artsy summer camps will again be full-day camps (with the option of registering for a half day).

Start the morning with messy, creative fun at Art In House. Eat lunch with us at the park, then head over to the Spool Lounge for your fill of colourful threads and fabulous textiles. 


We have two camps running this summer. Each will run from 9am - 4pm. However, you have the option of sending your child to the full-day, or a half day camp at either location.


half-day camps at Art in house begin at 9am and end at 12noon. spool lounge will offer half-day camps starting at 1pm and ending at 4pm.


Below are the camp details for both camp offerings this summer. You can also register AND pay for your child below. Feel free to come by Art In House or Spool Lounge on the Lakeshore Mews and register your child, or send us an email at

All materials are included with the exception of "art-making" t-shirts or old clothes. We are advising you to send your child dressed for a mess with a bagged lunch for our outdoor picnics.


$165 PER CHILd for the half-day camp (5 sessions) at either art in house or spool lounge. The cost of the full-day camp is $330 (5 full day sessions).


We are so excited about this partnership with our friends at Spool Lounge and are excited for another summer of camp.


Last year's Art City camp was so much fun, that we are continuing this theme again this summer. Campers will be able to get out into the urban and natural environments to create, be inspired, and share their creations. Art-making and textile work will explore using recycled and reusable materials while celebrating the infusion of nature into cityscapes. Check out our blog to see some of the inspiring creations we made last year.

July 25-29 (ages 5-12yrs)

watermelon seeds

Our Watermelon Seeds camp last year was so much fun that we decided to keep the name, but redesign the programs. Those who came last year can still count on the more playful themes, inundated with tons of colour, laughter, and collaborations with nature. The light-hearted nature of Watermelon Seeds will spill over into the textile projects done at Spool Lounge. Much of what we create in summer camp becomes the subject matter of our SPROUTS gallery show in September. See more about our SPROUTS gallery HERE:)

August 8-12 (ages 5 -12yrs)

Below you are able to register and pay for camp. thank you!

If you would like to pay in person, simply register your child below and come by AIH or spoollounge to pay in person. if you are want to pay online, make sure to first register your child using the form below. 


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