EMERGE is here.

Were so excited to be combining the experiential and play with the arts! At Art in House we value this above anything else. So if your kids like art, playing and spring this is these are the classes for them!

4-Week Session

10am-12pm ages 5-11. Price: 60$ for 4 week class (April 2nd - April 23rd)

NOTE: a $10 discount will be offered to each sibling who registers. All 4-week sessions can be extended to an 8 week at anytime before April 23rd. Also, if your child can not make all classes in a session, we are flexible and can work with your schedule. Simply add any details we need to consider when you register.


10am-12pm ages 5-11. Price: 120$ for 8 week class (April 2nd - May 28th - excluding May 21st)

NOTE: a $10 discount will be offered to each sibling who registers. There will be no classes on May 21st for the Victoria Day Weekend.

Your payment and registration can be made online (see below) or feel free to come into register in person during our gallery hours.

Looking forward to making art together!


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Child's Name
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From time to time, we use the photos taken at our workshops for advertising, blogging, or promotion through our website or social media outlets such as instagram or facebook. Please check below if you give permission for Art In House to take and use photos of your child for promotional purposes.
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