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Light the Way - Opening Reception
7:00 PM19:00

Light the Way - Opening Reception


Make sure to join us on April 6th for the opening reception of Light the Way, Letizia Firmani’s Photography Exhibit.

Letizia’s Artist Statement:

My name is Letizia Firmani; I am a 23-year-old Italian artist, who moved to Canada from Italy in 2013. I enjoy experimenting with a lot of mediums, but I would say photography is how I prefer to express myself. After my move to Canada, I majored in photography, and graduated from Seneca College in 2016. My work is strongly influenced by classical art, and MAGNUM photographers such as Josef Koudelka, and Sebastiao Salgado. The contrast between defined classical beauty and an impactful image as they come together to tell their story can be very inspirational.

I plan a lot of my work in black and white; my interest for light and dark goes back to my Italian roots, as Caravaggio is one of my favorite painters. I have to thank my mother for this love of visual arts and classical painters and I feel that I was quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow up surrounded by art in every shape and form. My work explores the relationship between critical theory and emotional memories; everything I make is being created mostly to express my emotions, and retell my experiences.

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the theoretical limits of the mind. What begins as contemplation soon becomes refined in an unpleasant defeat, leaving only the sense of chaos and the beginning of a new compound. As changing forms freeze through diligent and critical practice, the viewer is left to witness the possibilities of our mental conditions, and experiences. - Letizia Firmani

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The Path - Opening Reception
2:00 PM14:00

The Path - Opening Reception

We are excited to showcase the work of third year Georgian College student Yourong Zhao.

The Path Exhibition - Wed. March 20th to March 30th

Opening Reception - Saturday, March 23rd

Yourong’s Artist Statement:

As an artist, I capture the life, emotions, vitality and warmth of my subjects.  This is true whether it’s about the contemplation of nature, or discovering the meaning of life. My symbolic work conveys a subjective, emotional and harmonious response to the natural world.

 My artistic “meanderings” weaves together the ideas, dream, and experiences from my past and present, and recombines them in unique ways. I deliver this group of quiet works that emphasize the inner life of my subjects, the human being turning inward and reflecting upon himself and his soul. Each work reflects my desire to capture the spiritual presence sensed out of doors -- in woods, flowers, and the sky and the moon/stars.  My works put the soul into the landscape, to experience myself out in the isolation of nature.

I imply a narrative with a poetic, strive to create ethereal landscapes and figurative scenes, as well as the magic /dreamlike feel in my work. The intersections of nature and mysticism have a significant impact on my art. Through the composition and the unusual color combinations I create mystery. Hopefully, my works allow viewers to contemplate their own deeper realities and provide pleasure for their eyes, as well. - Yourong Zhao

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People Watching - Opening Reception
7:00 PM19:00

People Watching - Opening Reception

People Watching

The Figure in Contemporary Art

Opening Reception: November 10 - 7pm - 9pm

A Group Exhibition featuring:

  • Painting - Luc Fortin

  • Printmaking - Michael Ciesielski

  • Photography - Sarah Cardoni & Andre Beneteau

  • Collage - Sean George

“I like to prowl ordinary places and taste the people-from a distance.”                               - Charles Bukowski

For the artist figurative art is not a restricted diet of examples but rather a rich bed of blossoming opportunity. For the art lover an entree to a larger discussion where narratives fold into aesthetics as a site of observation, interpretation, and escape.

Is it the drive of curiosity that compels the artist to record his fellow human being or is it the need to create a compelling and fictitious Frankenstein? Asking these questions opens but two possibilities - the artist as storyteller, and the artist as documentor. There is however a third possibility that the artist can assert, the bringing together of both the fictitious, the fantastic, and the real.

It is often the figure that creates dialogue in the mind of the viewer when looking at a work of art; creating both a simultaneous connection of imagination and curiosity. That same figure can shape our understanding or lack of understanding of the setting and place in time. Their pose, body language, gaze, and clothes, can reveal or obscure the way we take in an image.

In the end whatever the path the artist chooses and whatever the media he or she uses the corpse will always be exquisite; truth being stranger than fiction, makes for uncanny portraits and surreal tableaus of human activity.

Sean George, 2018

The artists would like to thank Art In House, FastSigns, their families and friends for all the support in making this exhibition happen. Andre Beneteau…...your expert care and commitment to a job well done is greatly appreciated.

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Urban Sketch - Closing Reception
10:00 AM10:00

Urban Sketch - Closing Reception

Urban Sketch - Closing Nov. 3rd

We have been so privileged to have the work of Katie Green up at Art In House. Her exhibit is still on and runs until Nov. 3rd.

As part of the vision for the exhibit, Katie had envisioned facilitating an interactive, community element at Urban Sketch. At the opening Katie had hand painted Collier Street United Church in Downtown Barrie directly on the wall of our gallery. To close out the show we will be timelapsing the community completing the work by filling it with colour.

Come down any time on Nov. 3rd from 10am - 2:30pm to join us for the celebration of our community and Katie’s work.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 11.41.17 AM.png
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Urban Sketch by Katie Green
2:00 PM14:00

Urban Sketch by Katie Green

Get on down to the Lakeshore Mews to catch Katie Green’s new exhibit: Urban Sketch.

Doors open at 2pm and the opening reception runs until 4pm.

Katie Green is a local artist whose watercolours have captured many of the happenings in downtown Barrie. See more of Katie’s work at and make sure to come down for the show opening Oct.13th.

Intention for Urban Sketch:

This show has grown out of my love of urban sketching, both in my hometown and places I travel. A small sketchbook and pen fit in almost any bag and have the added bonus of getting me to sit in the same spot anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

Having filled a 1/2 dozen sketchbooks I am now taking these drawings farther, adding watercolour, turning them into block prints, screen prints, a colouring book and more. It is a journey exploring the places I’ve been and my own creativity.

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