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People Watching - Opening Reception

People Watching

The Figure in Contemporary Art

Opening Reception: November 10 - 7pm - 9pm

A Group Exhibition featuring:

  • Painting - Luc Fortin

  • Printmaking - Michael Ciesielski

  • Photography - Sarah Cardoni & Andre Beneteau

  • Collage - Sean George

“I like to prowl ordinary places and taste the people-from a distance.”                               - Charles Bukowski

For the artist figurative art is not a restricted diet of examples but rather a rich bed of blossoming opportunity. For the art lover an entree to a larger discussion where narratives fold into aesthetics as a site of observation, interpretation, and escape.

Is it the drive of curiosity that compels the artist to record his fellow human being or is it the need to create a compelling and fictitious Frankenstein? Asking these questions opens but two possibilities - the artist as storyteller, and the artist as documentor. There is however a third possibility that the artist can assert, the bringing together of both the fictitious, the fantastic, and the real.

It is often the figure that creates dialogue in the mind of the viewer when looking at a work of art; creating both a simultaneous connection of imagination and curiosity. That same figure can shape our understanding or lack of understanding of the setting and place in time. Their pose, body language, gaze, and clothes, can reveal or obscure the way we take in an image.

In the end whatever the path the artist chooses and whatever the media he or she uses the corpse will always be exquisite; truth being stranger than fiction, makes for uncanny portraits and surreal tableaus of human activity.

Sean George, 2018

The artists would like to thank Art In House, FastSigns, their families and friends for all the support in making this exhibition happen. Andre Beneteau…...your expert care and commitment to a job well done is greatly appreciated.

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