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On Reflection - Opening Reception


Join us for the opening reception of On Reflection featuring the photography of Focus on Simcoe Artists Peter Stranks and Jeff Buchanan.

Opening Reception June 8th 6:30 - 9:30

On Reflection exhibition runs until June 29th.

“Photography is my outlet. It allows me to pour my inner thoughts, views, frustrations and failures out on paper. My work is an in-your-face poke that forces my viewers to wake up and pay attention - to challenge the status quo. As a 25 year Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, my experiences during deployments has given me a different outlook on the world. My daughter once said, ‘mommy says the Army made you paranoid’ I replied ‘No, my job made me aware” - Jeff Buchanan

“The Focus on Simcoe show delves into my personal study and exploration of the human shadow. Past work exploring men’s issues, with workshops led by Robert Bly, Michael Meade, James Hillman and Marion Woodman have had a strong influence on my more recent work. I feel the images are based in postmodern expressionism, wherein I set up constructed scenes, involving months of preparation and generally large crews. I do this to create images that explore and express my need to find answers to what has happened in the past, seeking answers to make sense of the present. At other times, I feel able to work on my own, but the image making itself is no less complex, and may involve many images, not as multiple compositions brought together forming a gestalt, but rather bits from the exact same scene blended together, as our often confusing and perplexing psyche is stitched together from past life experiences and our responses to them. I feel guilty in a way, when viewing the final image, as if looking at the work I assigned my response to what is presented, as if I wasn’t part of the creative process all along.” - Peter Stranks

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