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Take a break this summer, and make art... with us.

Summer is a great opportunity to kick back, and rejuvenate the creative process.

Our lives are busy and often we sacrifice our creativity and art-making for the never-ending task list of urgent "must-dos". In this spirit, the AIH Gallery will be closed for the month of July so that we can celebrate and honour time to create.

At AIH, Mar and I (Jon) have recognized we have gotten far too busy, we are excited to take the month of July to make space to make art. We have created the #arteveryday-AIH hashtag to share some the things we get up to over the course of the month. This isn't about pressuring ourselves to create, but recognizing we need to make space in our days to do this. 

We hope you will join us in making art this month as well through #arteveryday-AIH

We understand social media can be a great way to inspire others, but sometimes it becomes a space where we feel pressure to build portfolios and share to an audience. The #arteveryday-AIH is not meant to create pressure, but instead act as opportunity to share when you are ready. Mar and I will definitely not be posting daily, but we do look forward to sharing bits of inspiration when creativity strikes. 

Follow the #arteveryday-AIH hashtag on instagram and twitter

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