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The Infestation Continues Through August


Joanne Lomas' hundreds of mice invaded AIH this past Saturday.

Her Mouse in House installation will remain in our gallery for the month of August. This is a family friendly installation that showcases hundreds of rock mice as they took over our gallery. Bring your family down to Art in House, and let your kids explore the installation.

Joanne Lomas is a local artist who is interested in representing comfort, discomfort, and the uncanny through her work. Mouse in House will, in Joannes' words, "be filled with escaping and skittering mice, surely a sight that may make one a bit uncomfortable."  

It is this dichotomy of comfort and discomfort that will crawl along the floor and up the walls of Art in House.

- Joanne Lomas

Check out her work at and make sure to come in this month to see the show.