FLOW - kids yoga and art - 4-week Session

We had so much fun in our Pop-Up Yoga and Art workshop earlier in the month, we are pleased to offer our first 4-week Flow program!

Starting on April 7th, bring your kiddos down after school from 4:30 - 6:00 pm as we continue to explore art and movement with Rachael Cameron.

Cost: $80 (for the 4-weeks)

Payment can be made on the first day of the workshop at AIH. Currently, we only accept cash or cheque.

Registration is now open! Please register your 5-12 yr old below as well as check out some of the footage from our Flow Pop-up earlier in the month.

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From time to time, we use the photos taken at our workshops for advertising, blogging, or promotion through our website or social media outlets such as instagram or facebook. Please check below if you give permission for Art In House to take and use photos of your child for promotional purposes.
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