So many incredible artisans in barrie! 

Check out our some of our artisan friends below, and support local!

Oh Beehive!

Locally handmade beeswax food wrap

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The Soaring Quill, started by Amy Thibodeau of Barrie, On., features handmade jewelry, and fine art made from as many reclaimed materials as possible. Some of the featured materials include deer hide, porcupine quills, bone, and seed beads.  TSQ aims to be a zero waste studio, and is committed to keeping textiles and unwanted items out of landfills, by making something totally new.

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Angela Aujla is a local artist specializing in drawing and mixed media visual art. She has exhibited widely throughout Simcoe County and in Toronto and her works are held in private collections in Canada, the US, the UK and the Netherlands. She will be featuring a selection of vibrant original artwork, greeting cards, and prints at Give Local this year.

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Contemporary embroidery hand-stitched in Barrie, Ontario. 

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Jenna Stewart

Jenna Stewart is an artist and author. After publishing a short story in 2014, There Is This Place, she dove into creating art as a means of representing a kind of magic that she believes exists all around us. Her art is inspired by the rugged and wind swept landscape of Muskoka; for in the wild of the wind swept pine tree there remains a strength and confidence that stands proud against the raging winds. Magic at its finest.

She works in mostly acrylic on board but she is known to return to her roots, putting pencil or pastel to paper. You can purchase original art, limited edition prints, her prose There Is This Place featuring a collection of artwork as well as a variety greeting cards. Add a little of natures magic to your home with some original art.

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Sophia St. Apothecary


Located at 34 Sophia St. West in downtown Barrie Sophia St. Apothecary offers all natural luxury bath and body care for the whole family and an eco friendly cleaning line all made with essential oils.

Green by hand


I love making things with my hands, and love the idea of beautiful things that are also useful (art can hang on your wall, but it can also be worn every day). I try to communicate ideas of self-worth, and community through my work as they are close to my heart. 

Katie's Etsy Shop

The Northern Appeal

The Northern Appeal is a bi-annual, non-profit literary journal native to the region of Simcoe County and Muskoka Region of Ontario. Founded by Victoria Butler, and Will Crosson, the journal showcases poetry, short stories, photography, and artwork, from Northern Ontarian artists and writers.

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Pocket alchemy

Pocket Alchemy is the Ontario, Canada based company of contemporary artist Susan Kendal. It serves as an umbrella for her various and sundry contemporary dance, craft and textile adventures.

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Forgather floral

Garden inspired floral design with an emphasis on local blooms and foliage. 

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Michael Whone

Winter Lyric Split Promo-01.png

Mission Statement: To identify and share with the world, through literature, that all lives are beautiful and ethereal by observing and transcribing the elements of personal happenstance

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(Mar)lisha Lewis

As one of the co-founders of Art In House, Mar embraces the idea of exploring many types of artistic expression. Mar has begun a series of mushroom watercolours stemming from her love for the often overlooked details in nature. She is also having fun crocheting warm and cozy cowls to help keep you warm while enjoying this season.


Melissa & ann-marie tabler

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Dainty Lace and Spider Webs is the joint creative effort of sisters, Melissa and Ann-Marie. They create a little bit of everything; eco-friendly toiletries, accessories, jewelry, candles and home décor. Using all of the skills they were taught as children (sewing, crochet, wood burning) and some they learned along the way, they strive to create unique, functional and durable items for everyday use. Ask them about customizable options! They love to personalize items and make them completely yours!

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Melange & yhdessa olive oil

To make quality Organic Olive Oil more available to food lovers everywhere, by keeping the price point low, the quality high, and the taste; unforgettable!

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Deeni demedeiros

Artworx Glass Studio… Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads & Jewellery …. My husband & I are the proud owners of Artworx Glass Studio. We are a couple of creative self-taught artisans that enjoy specializing in Dichroic Art Glass. Dichroic’s are where Creativity meets Science…

To summarize it all for you, all of our pieces are made with glass that has Titanium Oxides & Quarts Crystal embedded in it... This causes the finished piece to sparkle, shimmer, glitter & shift in color. All of the colors are made up by the amount of titanium deposited on the glass. 

When there is a pattern or design inside the piece, it is not something we just put in there ( no decals are used ) …We are removing film to create the designs & patterns in our work…. it is all custom & not something that can be found elsewhere. Any imperfection is part of the process of making & only adds to the natural charm of the piece, we feel it makes the piece truly... Original. 

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Two Sisters Naturals

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Two Sisters Naturals is natural, homemade skincare and beauty products handcrafted with care using the best ingredients we can including DoTerra essential oils.

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jadeblossom art

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