Inspired at Monsignor Clair

Using the mirror images of tree limbs as lungs, we all hoped to inspire together making art.

Thanks to all the families and staff that joined us at Monsignor Clair this past week! We had so much fun at your STEAM night, we hope everyone left INSPIRED!

When Mar and I were asked to run a collaborative art-making activity at the Monsignor Claire STEAM night, we wanted the activity to be meaningful. We wanted participants to walk away with a bit of print-making expertise as well as participate in fun, but connected experience.

Knowing the SMCDSB has Inspiring Hearts as important to their Vision and Mission, we wanted to centre the activity around the word INSPIRE (as we feel art-making should be), but also push the experience to include the physiological definition of inspire, which is to INHALE. This prompted us to consider the connection of nature (trees) to lungs to the idea of inspiration.

In the end, Mar and I left inspired by the sense of community at Monsignor Clair and their willingness to jump into softoleum printing and get messy with us (hopefully all the ink came out:)

Make sure to head to our instagram feed to check out how we set up the activity.

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