Far From Careless

Fiona is far from careless with the remnants she leaves behind.

We had the pleasure of being witness to Fiona Legg’s creative process leading up to Careless Remnants, the latest exhibit at AIH this past month.

“Careless Remnants refers to the negative effects of human activity left behind on the earth. Often (but not always) these effects are unintentional. They are usually ugly, cause the earth harm, and are regretful consequences of human action.”  - Fiona Legg - Excerpt from Artist Statement for Careless Remnants


Fiona’s creative energy is never-ending. She is a sea of ideas that percolate into 3-dimensional statements, often reflecting the passions that she carries so close to her heart. The Careless Remnants exhibit rang true to Fiona’s passions about life and the environment, reminding us of the environmental and socioeconomic impact we often neglect to recognize. 

Her work highlights the often unintentional effects of humanity on the natural world. She reminds us to be aware of the decisions we make daily; understanding nothing we do is free of consequence.

Even though the Careless Remnants exhibition is over, there will continue to be remnants of Fiona throughout AIH (not just because of the sand she used on the floor). Mar and I (Jon) are incredibly fortunate to have Fiona in our AIH community. She is never unintentional with her generosity, and the support she has a been to AIH over these past few months. 

Thank you Fiona Legg.

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