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Photography pushes us to be responsive.

It's been our third summer of doing camps, and every camp we have done so far has had an element of photography built into it. Despite the work that it takes to make a photo project happen in a week of camp, we are always super excited about the results. This year's photo cubes was no exception.

Photography in camp is tough because it pushes us to be responsive with our programming as there is always the chance that it isn't going to work. We can't have everything planned, prepped and ready to go when the bulk of the work is based on the kids that come into the camp... but wait a minute... isn't that the point??

We don't feel that art is supposed to be packaged and it definitely isn't a one-size-fits-all. We want it to reflect the diversity in the people creating it. I think that's why photography is so exciting. Photography by nature reflects that subject it was intended to capture. Every camp we do has new faces, personalities, and sometimes hilarious combinations of kids. Photo Cubes was meant to capture exactly that... the faces, personalities, and combinations of kids that makes doing summer camp so worthwhile. 

Enjoy the video of this summers photo cubes installation! We hope it reflects the amazing kids we get to work with every summer. 




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