Art in Our City

Art Should Be Public.

There is a reason why we chose the theme Art City for our July summer camp. We feel very strongly that art needs to be out in the public. Public Art has the ability to send bits of inspiration to everyone who happens to pass by and notice the little details that we so often miss. For the artist, it challenges us to look for opportunities our cities as a canvas can offer.

This was really the concept behind our Dipped Dinos project. We wanted something fun that helped our campers explore the little details of Downtown Barrie, looking for the potential opportunities for "art".

Taking art into the city also forces us to have conversations around the impermanence of public art. We knew that the dinos would eventually be taken. Once our campers were able to let go of the idea that they "owned" the art, they were able to get excited about the idea of coming back to the downtown to see if their work had been moved or taken.

Above were the actual photos taken by the campers (some incredible young photographers!) We also captured our kiddos putting the dinos around the city in the video below. Enjoy:)



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