SPROUTS ... Bloomed again.

Click above to watch our "teaser" for the Sprouts exhibit.

Our summer programming really sets us up for the rest of our year.

Summer camp often becomes our playground for exploring, experimenting, and creating new opportunities for our young artists to get their creativity on.

As artists, Mar, Jenn, and I get a chance to play just as much as our campers. We try new ways of collaborating with nature, find interesting ways of combining media, and get to celebrate it all with our SPROUTS exhibit in September.

This exhibit brought many new projects to the forefront, especially since this was our first time partnering with Spool Lounge. As you watch the teaser below, consider catching the actual work still on display at AIH. 

Even though the work was all done by our campers, we feel like the overall product very much represents where we are going at AIH.

The final video installment from our Summer camps. Come check out the amazing projects from our campers at our SPROUTS gallery show on until Thanksgiving.

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