SKETCH was an experiment. An experiment meant to bring the creative energy behind the art that we make to the forefront... to be celebrated.  It was an experiment because we had an idea of what the outcome would be... but we didn't really know what we'd get.

In the end, SKETCH celebrated 26 artists from different ages, backgrounds and styles, who were brave enough to submit their sketchbooks to us. Through enlarged reproductions of their sketches, ideas, scribbles, music notations, and pastings, we plastered our gallery walls and hung their work from the ceiling. It was overwhelming. We wanted our gallery to become a massive sketchbook.

Check out the video below that shares some of what went on at our opening reception. Huge thanks to our friends from House Art Collective who let us all experiment musically as we celebrated the work of so many artists. 

Thanks to all who participated for being so transparent with your process. It was nothing short of courageous to allow others to flip through the details behind what you do. 

I think we'll continue this experiment next year.

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