Mouse in House: An Experiential Exhibit

Some of artist Joanne Lomas' 600 mice now on at AIH

Some of artist Joanne Lomas' 600 mice now on at AIH

In this installation a room will be filled with escaping and skittering mice, surely a sight that may make one a bit uncomfortable.
— Joanne Lomas, local artist

If you have been around the Barrie downtown, you will have noticed many of our local business friends with signs stating, "The mice are coming..."  The mice have come, taken over, and will be with us the entire month of August. 

In our gallery we are always looking for ways to push the interactivity between the artists and those coming to see their work. The subject of Joanne Lomas' exhibit was definitely unique, but the intention behind her show was very much a familiar concept for us at AIH.  

Mouse in House is an experience in which you are invited to come in to Joanne's house and physically interact with her work. Joanne has set the stage, and we are invited to participate. Throughout the opening reception we noticed many of the mice were travelling through the exhibit, popping up in places Joanne had not originally placed them. It was if people interacting with the exhibit brought an unexpected life to the installation.  Besides, we all know real mice adapt to their environments!

If you weren't able to make the opening reception, come by AIH during our gallery hours to be a part of Mouse in House. In the meantime, check out some of the behind the scenes footage from the show.