Why We Love Downtown

our electrical tape downtown

our electrical tape downtown

I’m the type of guy that always has music running through his head. It's almost like there is a soundtrack for life that serves as a backdrop to all the visual stuff going on. 

Often the soundtracks are the loudest when I’m travelling. People seem to be moving in rhythm as the backdrops roll by at a slower pace.

Sometimes there are moments when its as if things play in slow motion; the soundtrack is getting louder as you zone in to what is coming up on the horizon. As each frame ticks by, the music continues to grow.

My drive down to Art in House was like that today. 

I don’t know if it was because I saw the Flying Monkey’s Brewery beginning to appear as I rounded Simcoe St. and pictured myself picking up some Hoptical Illusion before I headed home, or if it was because we have felt so valued by the other artists, artisans, and owners in the downtown that it is beginning to feel like home. Whatever the reason, I like it.

The Beyond the Front Door Gallery is our way of celebrating some of the people that make our downtown an amazing place. It's a photo exhibit highlighting the personalities that represent the places that inspire us and are part of our community.

When you come by to check out the photos, we hope that they show you how important it was for us to connect with our downtown community. The photos are very much representational, as the process of taking them was impactful.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


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