Portage View P.S. Rocks!

We had a great time this week hanging out with the Portage View community. It reminded us again how incredibly creative kids are. It also reaffirmed how we view Arts Education: you don't need to model everything. 

We wanted our creations with Portage View to be simple as well as transferable. Art-making doesn't require expensive materials, and techniques often standard-issue with kids need to be uplifted.  It was a reminder that the joy of creating is really foundational for great ideas.

We loved the idea of reconnecting our innate love of cardboard and rocks, to sculpture and painting so that we don't forget the value of hanging on to that ginormous fridge box or spending an evening looking for rocks on the beach. Like the master-builders in the LEGO movie as they see pieces for their creations everywhere they look, we want kids to see art in the everyday.

So thanks Portage View for inviting us to your shin-dig. We had a great time connecting with you all! 

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