Beginning to EMERGE

Handmade sketchbooks to capture Emerging Art

Handmade sketchbooks to capture Emerging Art

This past Saturday marked the beginning of our next initiative at Art In House - EDUCATION.

         In February we began this journey we call Art In House, showcasing Georgian College students in their Exquisite Mundane Humdrums opening. We followed this up with our first community art project (The House Project), and currently are showcasing the work of Alana Sproule, We Only Have What We Rememberin our Gallery.

            Before all of that, even before we had decided on a name, one of our main goals for our space was to provide opportunity for kids to explore, be creative, and celebrate expression through art. We are so excited to have finally started down that road.

           EMERGE started this past Saturday with two classes. A 5-9 age group in the morning, followed by a 10-14 group in the afternoon.  As part of the exploratory process, we felt it was incredibly valuable for kids to have a place to store all of their doodles, splatters, and pastings. Instead of handing each of them a sketchbook, we used cardboard, duct tape, and sharpies to create their individualized space for exploration. Check out some of them below.

          Cardboard and duct tape are hardly conventional materials for making art; we want kids to see that Art can EMERGE from unlikely places. We hope these cardboard creations will capture this emergence as we continue our 4 week session.

          Check back with us over the next few weeks to watch our creations develop.  If your kids are currently not enrolled in EMERGE, you can register for our May - June session HERE.