Art and Environment Collide

Some of our campers using reusing water bottles as planters for our bottle tree.

Some of our campers using reusing water bottles as planters for our bottle tree.

We have been looking forward to this week of camp for a while now. We knew this was really our first opportunity to get out into the physical environment of our downtown community. We wanted our first camp to get our kids outside the physical space of AIH into the urban environment around us.  The idea of an Urban Intervention - bringing art and creativity into the physical cement and brick of our city -  would hopefully inspire our campers to see how art can really transform physical spaces. What we didn't expect was the level of inspiration we would get from working with them throughout the process.

Toronto Artists Sean Martindale and Eric Cheung and their work using existing, illegally hung posters in Toronto as urban planters was really the starting point for our ideas and foundational to the direction of the camp. We really resonated with the idea of using nature and our environment as the backdrop to artistry, incorporating sustainable art practice in connection with installations that become a part of our physical communities.

In many ways these projects become symbols of the opportunities we all have to impact the community around us.

Despite all of the fun we have had this week, it has been incredible watching these budding artists learn to take photos using a variety of different angles and shots, wheat paste photos to terra skin paper, arrange actual plants into their compositions, and see the impact of people walking by their work in amazement at the beauty of the collaboration of art and the environment... and we are only half-way done!

Take a look at some of the work so far and come down and see us if you have the chance. We look forward to rounding out the week with some more fun projects.

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