A Corrugated Farewell

This past Saturday, Dave Duguay stopped by to take his work off of our walls. Watching his work come down, I was reminded again why we are doing this Art in House thing. 

Connecting with local artists like Dave Duguay, providing a platform for others to see their talent, and being a part of their vision is incredibly inspirational (not to mention the great backdrop his work was to the music shows and other workshops we hosted this summer). As his work came off the walls, it was clear our gallery would still resonated with the creativity his work represented.

The piece he wasn't able to take down was his Confiscated piece (yeah!). Since it was drawn directly on our wall, its obvious that Dave's impact on our Gallery space is more than just representational. It has a physical presence that will continue to exist under the layers of primer and white paint.  It's going to be tough to paint over it for our upcoming Sprouts Gallery show. Despite wanting to cut out the drywall, we are going to leave it to be painted over, knowing the creativity that oozed from his work will somehow continue to seep from our walls throughout our upcoming shows.

So this is our official farewell to our Corrugation show, but definitely not our final farewell to Dave. We are looking forward to continued opportunities to connect, partner, and get corrugated with such an incredible artist and truly amazing person. 

Thanks Dave and we look forward to your next project... my son is excited as he heard cars might be involved?

Until then; stay corrugated.