Our First Community Art Project - THE HOUSE PROJECT

Celebrating our communities creativity

When the four of us (Max, Jenn, Mar and I) sat down to conceive the possibilities of opening an art space in the downtown, we wanted our potential space to be more than our space. We wanted it to reflect the people who came through the doors.

As you come into Art in House (once your eyes readjust from the bright orange wall ) you'll see names printed on the tables and backs of chairs; people from our community that financed our workspaces so that others in our community could benefit. Today's House Project, was definitely the celebration of art and creativity, but more the celebration of community. An opportunity to get you through our doors, in your chairs, to create a piece of art that reflected all of our creativity.

Huge thanks to everyone who came by to help us create our first community art piece. For those who couldn't make it, the House Project was an opportunity to represent our individual places in Barrie on a collective space - namely a 12ft piece of metal. Kids and adults used lino cuts to represent their houses, inking them up with a smorgasbord of bright colours, slapping them down on metal and paper. The piece will be on display at Art in House; the first work on our Community Art Wall.

See more in the photos below. The little ones were cutting like seasoned pros as the rest of us relived the glory days of high school linocutting!

Like all good community gatherings there has to be good food; in our case, buttermilk pancake cupcakes and the best vegan cookies I've ever tasted. Thanks Alana for creating the perfect storm of cupcakes which I will be ordering many times over from your blog.

To everyone who came by today, to our first Gallery showing back in February, and to all of our tweeps; thanks for making Downtown Barrie such a great place to be.

BTW, check out our next line up of events as well as our EMERGE art classes starting soon!

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