Creative Collaboration

Christina MacBean's Simple Complexity opens March 4th. She has chosen to share our gallery space with the musical talents of Elton Adams. Christina, painter/printmaker, and Elton, singer-songwriter and active soldier in the Canadian Military, have found common ground in their shared creative processes. Both artists approach life through the lens of their art. 

My centre as an artist regardless of the medium I am using is in the process, which shadows my life’s journey into the world of art. - Christina

Check out the teaser of what is to come on March 4th below. See you there!

Sharing Story

We were incredibly fortunate to end our 2016 gallery season with the work of Jacqueline Swanek. The following video attempts to capture the work and stories behind these beautiful watercolours. Jacqueline ended her show with an intimate performative reading that really embodied the intention of the exhibit. 




This summer we set out to encourage gratitude through art.

We (us and our campers) were pretty disappointed to have our tags cut down. We actually found them in the trash can with the branches still attached.

Ironically we had just posted about the importance of public art, and the notion that putting something out in public means we need to release our ownership of it. That being said, the intention of this project was to bring encouragement to the community by sharing gratitude through art. We actually hoped that people would take the tags, maybe even be inspired by them. It was discouraging to have had every tag cut down and thrown out before people really had the chance to experience it. 

However, out of our disappointment spawned #gratitudetags. Even though the physical art is gone, we wanted to continue the spirit of gratitude through social media. We also hope the community will come by our SPROUTS gallery opening on August 27th to celebrate our young artists and help spread gratitude by creating their own gratitude tag. 

Send us a word describing something you are grateful for through #gratitudetags, we'll print it out for you so that you can create your own tag with us on August 27th. We look forward to making art together, and celebrating our young artists.

We are so fortunate to be in Downtown Barrie. We are grateful for all of the amazing people we have already met through Art In House.

Thank you Barrie.


SKETCH was an experiment. An experiment meant to bring the creative energy behind the art that we make to the forefront... to be celebrated.  It was an experiment because we had an idea of what the outcome would be... but we didn't really know what we'd get.

In the end, SKETCH celebrated 26 artists from different ages, backgrounds and styles, who were brave enough to submit their sketchbooks to us. Through enlarged reproductions of their sketches, ideas, scribbles, music notations, and pastings, we plastered our gallery walls and hung their work from the ceiling. It was overwhelming. We wanted our gallery to become a massive sketchbook.

Check out the video below that shares some of what went on at our opening reception. Huge thanks to our friends from House Art Collective who let us all experiment musically as we celebrated the work of so many artists. 

Thanks to all who participated for being so transparent with your process. It was nothing short of courageous to allow others to flip through the details behind what you do. 

I think we'll continue this experiment next year.