Art in House is a space where people meet to celebrate art, creativity, and community. Our hope is to bring local forms of artistic expression to the forefront. 


We want to promote emerging artists by providing space for their work to be displayed. At Art in House, we want to provide both a physical and digital platform to distribute the creativity of artists to others in our local and extended communities.

If you would like to show in our Gallery, please look at our submission guidelines.





Take a break this summer and make art #arteveryday-AIH.

Our lives are busy and often we sacrifice our creativity and art-making for the never-ending task list of urgent "must-dos". In this spirit, the AIH Gallery will be closed for the month of July so that we can celebrate and honour time to create. Find out more at #arteveryday-AIH.

Send us an email if you have any questions concerning our programmes or running your own workshops at