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May 2019

The Keep.

We are incredibly humbled to have the deeply introspective work of partners Alex Beneteau and Mark Outhwaite at AIH for the month of May. Their work will be featured in our upcoming exhibit The Keep.

Keep: Inner-Sanctum, i.e. The Keep. The most-protected structure within a castle.

Alex and Mark’s exhibit will feature their distinct styles of art-making founded in the backdrop of their childhoods. These moments, glimpses, and images will speak to the universal emotions of humanity when dealing with loss.

This exhibition is a means to protect, prolong or otherwise render indelible those memories we as individuals choose to elucidate by shaping them into physical media. Call them truthful heirlooms, mirrors into the shared psychic landscape inhabited by father and child, or simply the memories we chose to keep alive and the stories we chose to tell ourselves when the narrative of our relationships with our fathers has stopped being written. - Alex and Mark

Our artworks are a reaction to and or representations of the catharsis achieved in response to the loss and permanent absence of a Father’s love, concern and devotion.

Capturing the Creative Process.

Using video and photography we strive to document and share the work of upcoming artists and community events at AIH.

Check out our latest blog post to see what’s been going on at AIH.


Under Our Skin

Supporting women through art.

Under Our Skin (UOS) is a mixed-media visual and textile art class for women in (or who have experienced) transitional housing. The project explores stability, self-worth and common ground through art-making and is open to women in Simcoe County, Ontario.


Under Our Skin Exhibit

To celebrate the artistic process of the women in the Under Our Skin classes, AIH hosts a yearly Under Our Skin exhibition.

Check out the images from the Exhibit below, and keep up-to-date with UOS through Instagram.

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UOS Process in Photos

Under Our Skin is a weekly art session where various visual and textile art skills are shared and practiced. Watercolours, acrylics, yarn, stitching, screen printing, weaving (integrating both natural and artificial fibres) are all explored within the context of belonging.

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